Congratulations Japan, JKF and WKF

At the International Olympic Committee (IOC) 129th Congress August 6, 2016 in Rio de Janeiro became karate, the world's largest martial art, included in the Olympic program. It was a historical moment when IOC President Thomas Bach said: “This proposal is unanimously approved. Congratulations to Tokyo 2020. This is a milestone in the innovation of the Olympic program,”

WKF has today 188 member countries that all are very happy that karate is now included on the Olympic program. .

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This is karate

Today karate is the world’s largest martial art, a modern competitive sport , an effective self-defense system but also an excellent way just to keep fit.

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Karate History

Historically China is attributed several martial arts in Asia, the archipelago of Okinawa to have developed karate and Japan to have systematized and developed Karate-do.

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