It has been a long way to reach the Olympic …
After practicing martial arts for more than 50 years,  judo since 1966 and from 1970 karate , it is with great pleasure I present pro bono KarateWorld.com.

When Karate now participates in the Olympic Program in Tokyo 2020, it is a milestone for the world’s by far most spread, practiced and most popular martial arts sport.  A sport practiced worldwide. The World Karate Federation (WKF) has today more than 180 member countries.

WKF Secretary General Toshi Nagura (right) and HCG of Japan Leif Almo at the WKF World Championships in Linz, Austria 2016.

Now that karate is in the Olympic program, the world’s premier sports event., this means that it is the second sport, along with Judo, which has its roots in Japan.

It has been a long way to reach the Olympic program, but thanks to a goal-conscious and long-term commitment the goal now has been successful. It is only to congratulate the WKF and its President Antonio Espinos  (Spain) but also  the WKF Honorary President Takashi Sasagawa (Japan), and WKF Secretary General Toshi Sagura (Japan) for a successful campaign in Japan.

Over the years I have been involved in karate in many different ways. With everything from President of Swedish Karate to Chairman of WKF Press, PR and Protocol Committee.

But above all I have practiced and instructed karate and still do after 47 years. Certainly, karate is a modern sport but above all it is a lifelong  learning to develop body and soul.

Malmo, Sweden, February 2018.
Leif Almo
Hon. Consul General of Japan
President Corps Consular Southern Sweden
BoD Sweden-Japan Foundation
Former President Corps Consulaire en Suède (Consular Corps Sweden)


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