In Karate you compete in two different disciplines; Kumite= fighting and Kata=  form.
You compete individually and in teams. In Kumite you fight in weight-categories.

The official World Championships are held every two years and is open to all karate styles practiced in their national federations. WKF, World Karate Federation is the international association and organizer.

Karate is worldwide organized in national federations. The National Championships is the most important national annual competition and is in many nations the selection for the annual Continental Championships and/or World Championships.   

In contests certain techniques are banned. To avoid injury, you have to control the punches, sweeps and kicks.


World Karate Federation organizes junior and senior world championships every two years for both genders.

The karatekas compete in the following disciplines:

Kumite (Fighting)
Individual kumite – Men and Women
Team kumite – Men and Women

Kata (Form)
Individual kata – Men and Women
Team kata (synchronized) – Men and Women
(Team kata with bunkai,  the techniques are shown with opponents)

Para-Karate (Kata/form)
The World Health Organization’s “International Classification of Functioning” is used.

WKF has three main categories:
Wheelchair user
Blind and visually impaired
Intellectually impaired