This is Karate

Karate or Karate-Do is a Japanese martial art system, consisting of punches, kicks and blocks, with roots from the 5th century. Today karate is the world’s largest martial art, a modern competitive sport , an effective self-defense system but also an excellent way just to keep fit. Meanwhile, karate is training for body and soul as it offers comprehensive physical and mental exercises.

Karate or Karate-Do

“Kara” means “empty” in Japanese and “te” stands for “hand”. “Do” represents the way, the path or the goal you choose in life. Therefore Karate-Do stands for “the empty hand’s path” where karate is referring to a fighting system where you do not use weapons, and “Do” is the path or goal you choose in life. The word “Do” can for many be difficult to interpret, since the road or the goal in fact is endless. It is only life-long learning that can take you closer to the answer you want to achieve or that you seek. Judo, aikido, kendo are other examples of Japanese martial arts with the “Do” in the name.


Fitness, Strength & Agility

In which sport do you train and have techniques where you can use your entire body? And use both the right and left side of the body, ie blocks, punches and kicks are trained equally with both sides. Additionally, you increase your fitness, strength and agility.

Samurai codes

Today when the term “Karate” is used it primarily means physical training, sport or self-defense training. Those who begin training develop physics, learn effective self-defense and some experience that they achieve a sense of harmony and balance. This still does not mean you practice Karate-Do. Then you have to choose to deepen your training, be interested in Zen meditation and Bushi-Do, the moral codes of the samurais.


Karate is the perfect workout for those who prefer not to attack but to protect yourself or others if necessary. Around the world, police, military, security guards and many other people trains fighting systems that have karate as the base.

Depending on which master who developed the system you train different “styles”, which can be compared to attending different schools.